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Clothing Guide for Studio Session.

Kalpana, Tulsi & Diva

Studio Session

Clothing Guide

We want your experience with Springfield Family Portraits to be memorable, and relaxed, with the end result being beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever.


To help us achieve this, here are your guidelines on what to wear to your session.


Please follow these simple steps, to ensure that your portraits will become timeless, and enjoyed for years to come.


Dark classic non patterned clothes look best and match perfectly with our hand painted background.


Long sleeves are preferred to help complement our Signature Style of photography, and help us create a flattering and priceless portrait.  


If you want to go with a colour theme, have everyone wearing a version of that colour, so take blue for instance, denim is great, navy blue or pale blue and some white added to give a hint of variety is nice. 


Please bring 3 different outfits for children…let them chose one, then a casual outfit, and a dressier outfit.


Any hats or caps are also welcome.


Might be a great excuse to hit the shops and buy some new outfits:)